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Our Favorite 2023 Food Trends

The new year is a great time to turn over a new leaf, especially when that means discovering delicious foods. Need a place to start? A few flavorful trends have our mouths watering this year—starting with Eastern Mediterranean coastal cuisine. Also called Levantine, this cuisine is known for vibrant spices like za’atar, sumac and harissa. They bring a touch of the exotic to everyday dishes—including our recipe for Zibdiyit Gambari, a spicy shrimp and tomato stew. Plant-based eating continues to evolve as well, with more innovative twists on traditional staples like ravioli. And if you haven’t tried botanicals yet, now’s the time. You’ll find floral notes blooming in beverages and beyond. Finally, one of our favorite trends is the adoption of Mexican cuisine as America’s new favorite comfort food. From hot sauces to carnitas to cilantro, the flavors of Mexico are popping up everywhere. So, Happy New Year—and happy eating!